About Us

We are a leading global producer of crop protection products, speciality chemicals and other industrial chemicals. We operate in every continent with offices in 23 countries and customers in 86 countries, making us one of the leading producers of post-patent products in the world. Our efficient formulation and manufacturing processes offer extremely cost effective solutions for crop protection problems.

  United Phosphorus Limited Worldwide

United Phosphorus Ltd ranks amongst the leaders of the generic agrochemical companies in the world. The company is the largest producer in India of crop protection products with a wide range of products that include fumigants,insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and rodenticides. It is the worlds largest producer of Aluminium Phosphide.

Our Strategy

We aim to accurately meet the needs of our markets across Europe and around the world through the development and introduction of existing and new products, both branded and generic.

These products are developed to meet, and exceed our customers’ expectations in the areas of quality and performance...

Manufacture & Formulation

To ensure our manufacturing is efficient we manufacture most products at our own production facilities around the world. UPL has 21 manufacturing sites in UK, India, France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Argentina, China and Vietnam.

Each one operates to the strictest international quality standards...


As a company we place great emphasis on contributing to a sustainable society. Care is taken to ensure that raw materials & energy are used efficiently across the production process.

We recognise that our processes may have an impact on the environment and as a result we are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance to minimise this...


As part of our responsibility we are involved at the farmer level in encouraging sustainable agriculture.

We are proactive members of LEAF (Linking Environmental and Farming) and support the Voluntary Initiative in the UK...