Product Spotlight
Sugar Beet Portfolio 2017
Providing the foundations for Sugar Beet success
Updated for 2017 with key information for our sugar beet products including changing MAPP numbers, revocation dates, weed spectrum and best use guidance.
SHIRO Fact Sheet
Updated for 2017, containing key information on our sugar beet product range, including; Beetup Compact SC, Betasana SC, Betasana Trio, Bettix Flo, Efeckt, Microthiol Special, Mission 200SL, Vivendi 200 and new product Shiro. Incorporating the active ingredients; desmedipham, phenmedipham, ethofumesate, metamitron, sulphur, diquat, clopyralid and triflusulfuron-methyl.
Betasana Trio Best Use Guide
Betasana Trio (ethofumesate + phenmedipham + desmedipham) is a selective post-emergent herbicide for the control of annual weeds in sugar beet, fodder beet and mangels. Fully updated for 2017 to include valuable information on the benefits of combining these three complimentary active ingredients, weeds controlled, programmes using Betasana Trio, tank mix advice and key contacts.

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