Product Spotlight
Potato Portfolio
Updated for 2017, containing key information on our potato product range, including; fungicides: Manzate 75WG, Nautile DG, Penncozeb 80WP, Sacron WG, Video DG and new product Chamane (azoxystrobin), herbicides: Datura, Mission 200SL, Troy 480 and new product Quidam (prosulfocarb), sprout suppressants (PGR): Pro-long, and drought mitigation technology product Zeba (starch-g-poly).
Shiro Fact Sheet
Shiro is a new addition to our Sugar Beet Portfolio. A water-dispersible granule formulation containing 50% w/w triflusulfuron-methyl, a sulfonylurea for the control of broad-leaved weeds in sugar beet and fodder beet. Our product Fact Sheet contains key information including MAPP No, key points, trials performance on cleaver control, and best use guidance.
Cereal Portfolio
NEW for 2017, containing key information on our cereal product range, including; herbicides: DB Straight, Dioweed 50, Finy, Hyprone P, Minstrel, Redlegor, Sempra XL, Vivendi 200, Xerton and latest product Quidam (prosulfocarb), fungicides: MICROTHIOL Special, Tebuzol 250, UPL Chlorothalonil and new addition Chamane (azoxystrobin), plus PGR: Gyro.

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